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The Drill Cuttings Disposal Company was formed, to provide the same Products and Services, i.e. Cuttings Handling, Treatment and Injection Disposal Services, similar in scope to our last company, Apollo Services, a business that we founded in 1986 and sold a few years ago.

We are Engineers who, like most of our customers, are also Engineers. We had only 4 salespeople for the entire world, but were given most of the projects by our customers because we were the best at what we did, our projects went well, we engineered the system including the subsurface disposal regime ourselves and our customers could depend on us . We ask again for your support for the same reasons.

We set many drilling and safety/environmental protection records and will do so again, with the step change in Technology that we are bringing to the Industry, once again. We believe that one of the reasons we were the Best and our customers used us, was because we focused on Cuttings Disposal and Zero Discharge Services. As compared to our competitors who are multi billion dollar companies that provide many product lines and services, as they still do today.

When we sold, we had over 40 projects ongoing around the world, in Russia, the North Sea, Australia, Africa, India, Thailand, Venezuela, etc; working for Exxon Mobil, Shell, BP, Kerr McGee, Chevron, Total, Pedavesa, Petrobras, …..

We were the world leader with more projects ongoing, than all of our competitors had combined and were able to inject successfully on every project anywhere in the world that we were given the opportunity. Most of the projects had only one disposal conduit. If we plugged it, the project was over. Many of these projects were designed in countries with no previous CRI experience or offset well information. Our Forte were harsh environment, environmentally sensitive areas, on rigs that were very challenging to find room or utilities for the equipment and difficult(some believed impossible} subsurface injection criteria.

We were pioneers in the Cuttings Reinjection, Drying, Vacuuming and Bulk Shipping of Cuttings. We introduced and our competitors sought to copy our patent product line including, the CRI system that we introduced to most of the world, integrated advanced grinding pumps to grind cuttings to less than 90 micron and allow us to grind/inject while our customers could drill as fast as they wanted to(one mile of hole in 24 hours), a shale shaker to insure that large particles would be returned for further grinding and insure that only the smaller particles that would not plug the formation were injected, the 100 Hp Vacuum System, that is the workhorse of the industry today, eliminated the extra holding tank in the vacuum systems, introduced the direct tie in to the rig generator main bus to solve major utility supply problems, the single tank grinding system, the low profile vertical dryer, etc. etc.

Our upgraded in house Cuttings Disposal Modeling with a 600 Case History Data Base from around the world, provide a more complete modeling of the disposal regime with monitoring to insure the placement of the cuttings slurries. We have over 15 patents to date, and have filed for several new patents on our new State of the Art Cuttings Injection Equipment, Dryers, Vacuums and Bulk Transfer Systems. These new systems are simpler and easier to operate, utilizing less personnel, thereby reducing the cost spent by the operator to pay for, house, fly back and forth, etc.

The founder of Apollo Services and now, The Cuttings Disposal Company, Jeff Reddoch, Sr. is a Registered Mechanical Engineer, with over 30 years in the Drilling and Waste Handling business, having designed, built and operated Drilling rigs, Downhole drilling tools, Cuttings Reinjection, Drying, Bulk handling, Vacuum and Cuttings handling/shipping equipment, as well as many other types of solids control and waste minimization/treatment systems.

Positions held were Chief Engineer and Operations Superintent for a large drilling rig operation that provided contract drilling and workover services, and drilled it’s own turnkey wells and Owner and Manager of Apollo Services.

To date, Jeff has published 3 SPE papers, several industry publications and has 17 patents relating to the cuttings handling, drying and disposal operations.

We have pulled together the “A” team(3 of our top managers have over 100 years of experience combined), from our past business to ensure that our services offerings are second to none and look forward to working with our customers to reduce their costs and improve their drilling efficiencies.

Thanks again for your support!
Drill Cuttings Disposal Company